+ What types of Cigars do you have?

Radiant and Somber both come in Gordo, Torpedo, and Robusto. The Blimp comes in Figardo and Mini Figi. The Mailman comes in a Petit Corona. We also extended our line to include our newest sticks Mass Manipulation (coming soon in bundles) and Spartacus. See Our Cigars for more details.


+ What regions are the cigars from?

Our cigars are blends from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador.


Where do you source your cigars?

We work with amazing partners in Canada and the US to  manufacture cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras and The Dominican Republic. We work with high end factories that have been in the business for many years.


+ Can I choose the colour of my cigar case? 

For a vegan leather case, that comes in our Pro 15 pack – yes. The colour options are Black, Brown, and Blue.


+ If I don’t want the leather case and accessories, can I just buy cigars only?

Of course! We have launched Bundles for just such occasion.


+ What made you think of this idea?

It’s never been harder to find and access quality cigars at reasonable prices, especially in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be great if you can have quality cigars and other products shipped directly to you? Boom.


+ Will you be introducing new cigars than what is currently offered?

In the future, yes. Since the launch we have added two sticks – Mass Manipulation and Spartacus.


+ Will you be introducing spirits and alcohol beverages?

In the future yes. If you are with a spirits or alcohol company and want to talk, email us at info@bevsandburns.com.


+ How can I get involved?

We are always looking for great partners. Drop a line, and let’s talk.


+ Are you hiring? 

At this early stage in the business, we are currently staffed. However, with growth, we plan to grow our team!