B&B Double X Pack!

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Enjoy the B&B Standard pack of 40 (with one bonus cigar) with a selection of all of our standard sticks we carry. Enjoy this one time purchase, or check out our subscription based products on our bundles page!

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In this package you will receive: 

    • 6 x Radiant (Churchill & Robusto - Stay Home Smoke Alone)
    • 6 x Somber (Lean Stout & Robusto - Stay Home Smoke Alone)
    • 6 x Dreadful (Stout & Gordo - Stay Home Smoke Alone)
    • 4 x Lavish (
  • Toro & Gordo - Stay Home Smoke Alone)
  • 6 x Spartacus (Triple Maduro Churchill, Triple Maduro Toro & Triple Maduro Robusto) 
  • 4 x The Marksman (Maduro & Habano Toro & Robusto) 
  • 4 x Mass Manipulation (Robusto & Toro Connecticut)
  • 4 x BlackSmith (Ironhand & Hundredweight)
  • TWO Special Edition Cigars 
Each box includes a Boveda pack (to keep things humidified).
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